Sunday, 23 September 2007

If I could

If I could
take you forever
I would.

Your hand in mine,
your heart in mine

If we could
run away together
I would.

Your lips on mine
Your life with mine

If I could
love you wholeheartedly
till the heavens opened,

My longing
quelled by yours,

I would.
Two dancers
twisting to one breath

but with one hesitation
- an identity's fear of death

If I could
give you my all,
what would be left?

Observing people on the tube

The passengers
look and watch,

All they see is,
through God's eyes,

Growing by the hour,
Like the edge
of the universe's power

A Matrix of realities
Im detecting,
Pulses of energy

With everybody's gazes
opening portals
to the mystery's mazes...

Sunday, 26 August 2007

In your eyes

In your eyes
memories are playing

In your eyes
perceptions are saying

In your eyes
thoughts are occuring

In your eyes,
life is stirring.

Saturday, 14 July 2007

New Life

New life can be scary
As you step up to a new mark
New life, new birth, born
open-eyed & body-stark

New life is amazing
and scary too,
never know if you don’t try
so come on, what else you gonna do?

New life is transforming
like a moth to the sky.
Butterflies see beautiful things
Now its time for us to open our eyes

'Cos our environment is vibrating
on many levels beyond sight
and they hold wisdom
beyond modern day awareness - a dimming of the light.

In the source of your own longing,
is the fibre of all life,
all that seems so far

and separate

is not really.

Crazy, but true.
Theres a little bit of nearly
everything (plant-life, insect, animal and me)
in you.

An earth-angel showed me this,
And other things too.
Blessed for four hours in her emerald green kiss,
And I still feel her by my side, when I ask her to,

her hint of bliss
answering my prayers.
So cool to know I’m not alone,
that the universe actually cares.

And now, in new life I walk
an unknown path.
With the light of awareness I pray
for guidance; her light laugh

by my ear;
her hand on my shoulder;
her love where there’s fear; and
her warmth, when life feels colder.

Thursday, 5 July 2007

In crises our nature is revealed

The frailty of humanity,
seeing you lying there.

Knocked down off of your scooter
to the road,
the vulnerability of a human life
layed bear.

The police woman is by your side now.
Kneeling over you.
Her hand in yours.

Whispering hope and courage into your ear

Whispering words
only angels speak.

In crises, the beauty of
human fragility
and human kindness
is revealed.

Only drips in the eyes hint
at the well that
has been struck
within me.
Well of humility.


Gazing at
this yellow flower
almost brings me to tears

how could it touch me so,
evoke such
empathy in me.

It strikes a chord in my human-ness
A chord in my heart.

You capture
a little part
of my love.

of my light.

under the stars
you reach

The coyote howls
and the wolve's footprints are
stamped into the soil
with the seasons,

and all the while
you, little flower
the silent hymns
of being.

Vancouver Bridge

you perform a thankless task,
carrying so many people
to work, play and home
all day.

You are a magnificent creation
and I honour you as that.

Yes you are functional
yet also purposeful.
More than robotic
or built by robots.

The conscious intention conceived you.

The conscious intention in all things.

In the absolute meaningless
of inanimate concrete,
like the silent breath
of a mountain,
there is beauty.

No simply 'manmade' beauty;
Godmade beauty.
Vibrating with the mineral asteroids and planets
This bridge deserves to be revelled.

Forgot myself

I forgot myself,
left behind
and in the hell
I suffered.

Caught up
in a place
where my soul
is covered.

Without love
I wallowed.
Into the throat of helplesness
I was swollowed.

Until at last
grace & self love strolled past
and humbly,
I followed.

The Shaman

The Shaman beats his drum
chanting sweet songs to Ayhuasca
illuminated by a single candle

Not even the moon or star light
penetrates the complete darkness
of the Shaman's ceremony tent.

In the blackness he breathes.

A master of all that is
and isn't.

The gatekeeper of our voyage
beyong physical reality.

A perfect being of nature.

Of the earth,

And for the earth.

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Your colour

I’m touching you now
feeling for
of your colour

A taste of
your light


who you are
under skin

I want to feel you
see you
the essence
of you

The Silent Watcher
in you.

I want feel the hardened walls and edges
of your ego.

If only you will let me peer through the cracks,
through your defenses,

that I might see where
the light of your silhouhette
emanates from…

I want to behold in you
the One Well
of interconnected, everlasting life.

The divine spark
in you.

To my friend Kristin

You are a flower to me
The bright yellow tone
of your smile
is delightful.

The vains of your body
glow green with life.

And you grow
alongside me,
my sister.

There is mystery in your being,
A loveliness
Both subtle and obvious.

It is the subtlety
that I love.

So soft
it could be one with soil, pine wood or stone.

You open your petals
for all to see and smell
the fragrance of your soul.

Transparent as an alpine lake;

You bring grace and humility

to hardness.

In the woods

In the woods I breathe
the breath of life.

Emerged from the desert of the City
dying of thirst,

here my cells, blood, senses
And instantly the insanity
becomes reversed.

The heart of the rocky mountains we approach!
Here my life, no woman can poach.

Protected by the sleeping mountain giants (who are alive)
Here all things harmonious (of air, earth and water) thrive.

‘Cos in the woods
The complexity of thoughts
come undone.

Like watercolours submerged,
From the cleaned blank canvas
emerges the Son.

(Christ arise
as I believe you are:
A son of nature,
the elements,
the shepherd’s star)

For in the wilderness of man
Lurks many a peril!

Yet in the woods
Man’s insanity (all but the green glow of Mother/son spirit)
becomes sterile.

And just as impurities
are filtered
through the salmon’s gill;

In the woods ill-thought is filtered away,
restoring harmony & balance
- nature’s will.

Monday, 28 May 2007

Macchu Picchu

Heart of Earth:
energy and love swirls
around the cone
of your aorta.

Unmistakeable, undeniable.
Here the power of your living love
is intense.

Flying, chirping with electricity.
Radiating from
and returning to
your open portal

'tween Haqpacha, Kaypacha and Ukhupacha.

The heavens,
mother earth and
the underworld.

Cradled in the vortex
created by the mountainous prism
of this holy trinity.

Both embelleshing tranquility
and screaming with the life
of songbirds,

there is an almost visible
edge of dimensions,
or worlds,
that collide here.

Circling like the condor
around the nautilus shell
of your heart of stone,
whereby rests the Temple of the Stars;

The sacred valley and river
circle your heart like a moat,
where heaven and earth meet.
Window to eternity
above and below.

The rich green forest
is your skin.
for the birth and death
of time.

And time's inhabitants.

Ruins of the past
hint to modern man
that this place is special,
that secrets lie here.

Few of man's relics can hope to survive
natures law of eternal birth and death.
Yet here lies an exception.

From your cup I
I drink the nectar of life.
But not as life in general.
Your cup is a unique flavour.
A special beauty
that exists only here.

Without complaint
you sacrifice your flesh
for the birth and aid of new civilisations.
And with the same ease, you eventually, quietly, reclaim your soil.

Blessed by the elemental forces,
the earth concealed its heart
for 450 years...

until man was ready to receive it,
once again.

For Inti

I bow my head to the morning sun
As it rises over Colca Canyon.

The warmth of my body & soul
is a fraction
of your warmth.

A grain of your star

Organic life
is given life
by your inorganic,
cosmic energy.

Your primal light gives life
to everything that it touches.

Transformation is your Word.
All things change
by the fire
of your being.

A miraculous catalyst
that grants living life.
And living life with spirit.

Your power is mythical,
Like Medusa´s gaze, or
the unseeable face of God.

Yet more than a myth,
everyday, everywhere,
you reveal yourself.
And life responds.

The flowers open and close for you.
The animals wake for you.
The trees breathe you.
The earth revolves around you.

The essence of Wiracocha
(supreme God, the totality)
burns brightly in you.
Surely you are one of his chief servants.

Smaller gods such as humans
evolve and sing praise
thanks to you.

The First Light
is a cosmic treasure
buried in you,
and lovingly offered unto Earth by you.

It glows in the red blood of animals,
the green blood of plants,
and the rainbow blood of spirit.

Your powerful arms gently push us,
gravitate us.
A loving relationship between brother and sister.
Inti and Gaia.

And the wild wilderness of our planet
is as it is
thanks to your warm embrace
of orbit.

Spirit of Earth

Earth you
wrapped me up last night,
curled up in your leaves,
breathing your love
like an embryo again.

I discovered
that I am born of you,
belonging to you,
absorbing your unconditional love
for me, and all of humanity.

I became a nature spirit in your arms,
and in our communion, all of me,
including the many forgotten parts,
were revealed.

You led me to the garden of my heart and mind.
Where everything is a delight.
Where internal love and beauty
(connection with source divinity)

I saw your magnaminoty
And truly
You are a Godess.

The sheer size of your presence
And the beauty of your
Emerald green essence and love
is striking
for a mortal to behold.

Now I understand
Why the Incas, and their millions of descendants,
Worship you as a Godess.

Because you truly are that.

I experienced your conscious being,
and for that I am grateful.
It is right to give thanks to you
Mother, Pacha Mama, Gaia.

Seeing you opened a door in me.
A door to the eternity and divinity within.
So many unconscious parts of myself
that all of a sudden
I became conscious of.

And now I know
That every person
Is broader,
and deeper
Than we are aware of.

There are so many other levels
of being, beauty and wisdom
beyond everyday human consciousness.

And now is the time
For reawakening.