Monday, 28 May 2007

Macchu Picchu

Heart of Earth:
energy and love swirls
around the cone
of your aorta.

Unmistakeable, undeniable.
Here the power of your living love
is intense.

Flying, chirping with electricity.
Radiating from
and returning to
your open portal

'tween Haqpacha, Kaypacha and Ukhupacha.

The heavens,
mother earth and
the underworld.

Cradled in the vortex
created by the mountainous prism
of this holy trinity.

Both embelleshing tranquility
and screaming with the life
of songbirds,

there is an almost visible
edge of dimensions,
or worlds,
that collide here.

Circling like the condor
around the nautilus shell
of your heart of stone,
whereby rests the Temple of the Stars;

The sacred valley and river
circle your heart like a moat,
where heaven and earth meet.
Window to eternity
above and below.

The rich green forest
is your skin.
for the birth and death
of time.

And time's inhabitants.

Ruins of the past
hint to modern man
that this place is special,
that secrets lie here.

Few of man's relics can hope to survive
natures law of eternal birth and death.
Yet here lies an exception.

From your cup I
I drink the nectar of life.
But not as life in general.
Your cup is a unique flavour.
A special beauty
that exists only here.

Without complaint
you sacrifice your flesh
for the birth and aid of new civilisations.
And with the same ease, you eventually, quietly, reclaim your soil.

Blessed by the elemental forces,
the earth concealed its heart
for 450 years...

until man was ready to receive it,
once again.

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