Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Performed at Secret Garden Party Festival 2011

More than just a crazy intoxicated hedonism
We form the frontier of a spiritualism
Coming together in absolute freedom
Something begins to emerge - do you see them?
These happy people, poets saying "Thanks for the love" to their friends
And amazing performers reaching out to make sense
Of a big wide world
With alot of fucking questions

Right now, right here,
We're forging new directions
With the lake at its heart
We form a microcosm
Each of us a droplet of love
Causing ripples from the bosom to the brain
Our dancing legs to our voice
For every thought, every word
Positive intention's our choice

There's a gentle revolution
arising from this turf
A natural communion between
us party hosts and mother earth
As to the extent of its depth and intention
I have no idea...
All I can do is give
Voice to what I hear

And that which I hear gives me hope
That within the emptiness
There is fullness permeating
Like ripples in the lake
We are the frontier, gravitating
To our source; replenished in Gaia's adoration
With the language of love
Lets birth a new equation