Sunday, 19 April 2009


Thunder is pounding
The lightning, just cracked

Desert ridges are echoing
wanting you back

Rocks are tremoring
memories of you

Trees are shivering
the hurt held onto

Natural therapy

The healing touch plants kisses on my skin
Like a warm bath seeping in

Muscles, toes, jaw,
All the places that were sore

Come to union with the parts
and this strange body is suddenly not apart

from, but a part of me
A wondrous being to acknowledge, its serenity

That powers movement every where
Of the miracle, the living body, I’m aware


Is heaven's whisper by our ear

Is our island bodies forming bridges back to the paradise of communion

Is a one handed heart beat become two beating drums, side by side

Is the gentle heart of God, longing to know what home feels like

Is the sweet song of love,

Cherishing the intimacy unfolding