Friday, 4 November 2016

Purity of Mind

From the amazing 19th century mystic Hazrat Inayat Khan, I've re-structured the original words into four line stanzas:

Part 1

The mind is not only a means of reasoning
It is the king of one's being
And upon condition of one's mind 
Health, happiness and peace of life depend

The question is what to destroy
And what to keep in mind.
Collect and keep all that is beautiful
And destroy all that is void of beauty

Collect and keep all that 
is agreeable and 
Destroy all that has  
A disagreeable effect upon you

Collect and keep all that
is harmonious and
Destroy all that creates 
Inharmony in yourself

Collect and keep all that 
is restful and
Destroy all that disturbs
The peace of your life

You get the drift.
So now I add a simple rhyme scheme
To make a little more of a party,
From the slow and beautiful symphony,
Of our esteemed scholar and brother, Inayat Khan.

Part 2

As some dust gets into the mechanism of a clock
Disturbed peace keep you from progress
Beauty and harmony may seem void and locked
And the mind paralyzes when so hindered

Life is progress, and stopping from progress is death
Failure does not matter - for a progressive person
Even a thousand failures matter nonetheless
For he has before his view success

The greatest pity in life is standstill
When life does not move further 
It is a paralysis of the soul, the spirit, and will
Always be caused by bad impressions in mind

In reality no soul is happiness deprived
The soul's very being is happiness
Once the person is able to clear his mind
A new power begins to spring from his heart

Opening a way before him 
To attract to him all he requires
To accomplish all he wishes
Clearing his path of the mind's myres

And making his atmosphere clear
For him to live and move and accomplish 
All he wishes to accomplish