Sunday, 23 September 2007

If I could

If I could
take you forever
I would.

Your hand in mine,
your heart in mine

If we could
run away together
I would.

Your lips on mine
Your life with mine

If I could
love you wholeheartedly
till the heavens opened,

My longing
quelled by yours,

I would.
Two dancers
twisting to one breath

but with one hesitation
- an identity's fear of death

If I could
give you my all,
what would be left?

Observing people on the tube

The passengers
look and watch,

All they see is,
through God's eyes,

Growing by the hour,
Like the edge
of the universe's power

A Matrix of realities
Im detecting,
Pulses of energy

With everybody's gazes
opening portals
to the mystery's mazes...