Saturday, 16 June 2007

Your colour

I’m touching you now
feeling for
of your colour

A taste of
your light


who you are
under skin

I want to feel you
see you
the essence
of you

The Silent Watcher
in you.

I want feel the hardened walls and edges
of your ego.

If only you will let me peer through the cracks,
through your defenses,

that I might see where
the light of your silhouhette
emanates from…

I want to behold in you
the One Well
of interconnected, everlasting life.

The divine spark
in you.

To my friend Kristin

You are a flower to me
The bright yellow tone
of your smile
is delightful.

The vains of your body
glow green with life.

And you grow
alongside me,
my sister.

There is mystery in your being,
A loveliness
Both subtle and obvious.

It is the subtlety
that I love.

So soft
it could be one with soil, pine wood or stone.

You open your petals
for all to see and smell
the fragrance of your soul.

Transparent as an alpine lake;

You bring grace and humility

to hardness.

In the woods

In the woods I breathe
the breath of life.

Emerged from the desert of the City
dying of thirst,

here my cells, blood, senses
And instantly the insanity
becomes reversed.

The heart of the rocky mountains we approach!
Here my life, no woman can poach.

Protected by the sleeping mountain giants (who are alive)
Here all things harmonious (of air, earth and water) thrive.

‘Cos in the woods
The complexity of thoughts
come undone.

Like watercolours submerged,
From the cleaned blank canvas
emerges the Son.

(Christ arise
as I believe you are:
A son of nature,
the elements,
the shepherd’s star)

For in the wilderness of man
Lurks many a peril!

Yet in the woods
Man’s insanity (all but the green glow of Mother/son spirit)
becomes sterile.

And just as impurities
are filtered
through the salmon’s gill;

In the woods ill-thought is filtered away,
restoring harmony & balance
- nature’s will.