Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Argentina Glacier

Still aqua towers
have frozen time!
and in the stillness of these ice walls
Nature's power glows

Collosal towers
thick as earth, with
aeons passed
since your birth

Magnificent ice lake
wide and deep
into which
you winter-bathe and summer-seep

Collosal glacier,
your blue depths
hint at your age,
your memory.

The mountains cradle you
Either side,
Framing you
Picture perfect

The rainbows crown you, bless you.
In your presence, a nimble mind can only quieten.
Still itself.
To really be present to the primordial nature of your being.

Quiet now, with the glacier.
I can hear its breath.
Its totality.

Like a sleeping mountain giant
Struck by the gods
It stays here
Hiding, sleeping.

Nursed by the mountains.
Given life by the snow.
An odd deity of nature, created
by Patagonia’s freezing breath/blow

To behold you is to behold the alpha and omega
Where life started and ends.
Like outer space,
it bends one’s perception back to the primal.

The power of nature's Source
Is stark and