Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Loving what once was Wanting

I love you,
that which I am not,

that which I have wanted
so many times

I love you
for the beauty you are,

For through love
we become equal

A bridge is made

Where the mind
meets the moment.

Where the landscape of thought
meets the point of presence.

Where the fire of intelligence
meets the space of consciousness.

Where the imagery of the external
meets the inner eyes of the eternal...


I want to consume That
which I am not

and that which I
can never be.

A hunger not designed
to be test-tasted,

A game with a finish-line
so far evaded.

So in limbo-tred
looking left & right to be fed

Jumping back & forth,
In hemispheres south and north

Wild & on the run from being tamed,
Looking for a love with no face or name

in heaven (Him), earth (her) & me,
where is this 'Holy Trinity'?