Saturday, 14 July 2007

New Life

New life can be scary
As you step up to a new mark
New life, new birth, born
open-eyed & body-stark

New life is amazing
and scary too,
never know if you don’t try
so come on, what else you gonna do?

New life is transforming
like a moth to the sky.
Butterflies see beautiful things
Now its time for us to open our eyes

'Cos our environment is vibrating
on many levels beyond sight
and they hold wisdom
beyond modern day awareness - a dimming of the light.

In the source of your own longing,
is the fibre of all life,
all that seems so far

and separate

is not really.

Crazy, but true.
Theres a little bit of nearly
everything (plant-life, insect, animal and me)
in you.

An earth-angel showed me this,
And other things too.
Blessed for four hours in her emerald green kiss,
And I still feel her by my side, when I ask her to,

her hint of bliss
answering my prayers.
So cool to know I’m not alone,
that the universe actually cares.

And now, in new life I walk
an unknown path.
With the light of awareness I pray
for guidance; her light laugh

by my ear;
her hand on my shoulder;
her love where there’s fear; and
her warmth, when life feels colder.

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