Monday, 28 May 2007

For Inti

I bow my head to the morning sun
As it rises over Colca Canyon.

The warmth of my body & soul
is a fraction
of your warmth.

A grain of your star

Organic life
is given life
by your inorganic,
cosmic energy.

Your primal light gives life
to everything that it touches.

Transformation is your Word.
All things change
by the fire
of your being.

A miraculous catalyst
that grants living life.
And living life with spirit.

Your power is mythical,
Like Medusa´s gaze, or
the unseeable face of God.

Yet more than a myth,
everyday, everywhere,
you reveal yourself.
And life responds.

The flowers open and close for you.
The animals wake for you.
The trees breathe you.
The earth revolves around you.

The essence of Wiracocha
(supreme God, the totality)
burns brightly in you.
Surely you are one of his chief servants.

Smaller gods such as humans
evolve and sing praise
thanks to you.

The First Light
is a cosmic treasure
buried in you,
and lovingly offered unto Earth by you.

It glows in the red blood of animals,
the green blood of plants,
and the rainbow blood of spirit.

Your powerful arms gently push us,
gravitate us.
A loving relationship between brother and sister.
Inti and Gaia.

And the wild wilderness of our planet
is as it is
thanks to your warm embrace
of orbit.

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