Sunday, 21 June 2009

Seville to Granada

When your love comes,
a whole day's sun sets

It starts high,
illuminating everything

and slowly pivots angles,
turning once shadows into light


Emerged from the desert horizon's mirage,
I have found an oasis full of miracles

where my heart is bathed in sunlight
and the treasures of Seville's wishing wells.

I raise a golden cup to the sun,
honoring You and the thousand blessings
that water a thousand joys
in a thousand ways.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Your Calling

'Time & familiarity have together forged inter-dependence,
and it has become scary to consider existence without the partnership you had.

But the partnership has now served its purpose
and your soul is calling to break free

from the old and now restricting structures
that now inhibit your growth.

Soul moves with fluidity, with colour,
and the static, change-resisting ego can easily become an enemy...'

Yet the Calling will always be there for you:

Behind your eyes,
around your heart

In the pulse that has lived in you
from the start

In the quitest places,
transformation beckons

In the quitest places,
there are awaiting lessons

to realise a love so beautiful,
only your heart can really behold

first opening the doors that were sealed
by the stories you've been told.

To a place where the lush green palace gardens
are self sustained

by water fountains that flow
with the letters & energy, of your name

This is your special place
No one can ever take it away

Things will come and people will go
but this, here, will always stay

The light shines forth
by a simple prayer...

Meet you there.

Pale shade of love

'Why are you so content
with a love that turns you yellow?'

- Rumi

Vacant eyes
vacant stare

Good looking couple out at
dinner with no care, no care

Looking everywhere else,
giving no presence to each other

A pale shade
of what it is to be lovers

And what does he provide
to make it okay?

What can suffice for being happy
at the end of the day?