Sunday, 21 December 2008

You are my moon

Your loving orbit
Keeps me centred
Through the changing tides

Like a sailor navigating the stars
Only by your reference point
Is there meaning

Your fullness is illuminating

I capture its reflection
In the surface of this ocean,
Window ‘tween my receiving skin
and the depths of my heart

You wax and wane
Coming and going
And I tred turbulent water
In the deep black infinity of your absence

Friday, 28 November 2008

Passing an ancient castle on a train in Wales

How many battles
have you witnessed waged?

What tales of farmers,
priests, love and rage?

How many human lives
have stayed in your walls?

The kitchen, throne
and horses stalls...

Thursday, 23 October 2008

happy days

Just want to acknowledge what an amazing last 3 months Ive had.

Summer time in London, heaps fun! gigs n drinks n friends n stuff,
Then Spain - Ibiza was %^&ng crazy! Met up with three friends from Beunes Aires (Ben whose actually from New York but was living in BA when I was there - he loves to party, Reuben whose actually dutch and lives in BA with Miguel whose argentino) The three of them were absolute nutters and pulled me into some kind of 'fear and loathing in las vegas' type week of excessive behaviour. Wicked partying though!
And my god the clubs and music were amazing...real deal 4 to the floor parties packed with people n thumpin techno n house. was lovin it.

On the last day we managed actually do something during the daytime and did a scooter tour of the island - amazingly beautiful. the sunset was to die for.

Then we departed and I flew to Barcelona for 4 days, where I met a mate through work Dave and we did a lot of sightseeing. By this stage I was sick, but still hit some clubs just coz i couldnt stop after ibiza. The first night in Barcelona was a good lauch actually (im recalling it as I write) I stayed in a hostel for a few nights and a bunch of us went to a street festival - it was really cool. Lit up origami things hung all over the streets - really cool lighting installations which made it awesome to walk around under. There were some really nuts scottish dudes with us who brought a bit of a bonkers vibe to it all, flashing the public n stuff.
Would like to go back to barcelona coz i only got to see about half of what you could see with more time.

Then I came back to London, to work (works pretty cool actually...advising the government over here on climate change strategies, setting up funding programmes for businesses to deal with the issue, assessing best types of low carbon technologies to use etc.)

Anyway I only had 6 weeks back at work before it was time for me to fly to Aus!
So I saw my sister and her b.f for a few days which was nice, and mum and dad. Then
my first week in Aus I joined Nikki, her sis Kim and mum Chris (all of who are wicked)in Parraburdoo.
We then did a road trip through Karijini National Park, which was amazing. See my facebook pics if you get a chance. Then we drove all the way up to Broome, via some fishing stops, lizards, dingo, emus, kangaroos...lovin the aussie landscape and wildlife. Broome was cool. amazing sunsets(!), cocktails, food, and beaches. Jealous Im not there still! So sadly I had to say goodbye to Niks, and flew back to Perth to go down to the south west of Western Australia where I got some good surf, and hung out with my brat brother(whose nearly my height now)and mum and dad, and caught up with some old friends from school, which was really cool.

I then headed to Perth for Dane (best mates) bucks night, which was a massive day. Ive never seen Dane so fired up (and believe me, he usually knows how to fire up!).
The next week hung around in Perth which was a bit weird coz i didnt have a car, and had stuff to sort out, but I caught up with some good friends which was awesome (even an ex girlfriend I havent seen for 2.5 years) and then it was Danes wedding, which was one of the most amazing events Ive ever been to.

To be honest Ive never been inspired by the thought of weddings. But everything about it was perfect - the weather, the venue (beautiful shenton park lake), the reception (matilda bay), the food (my god dinner blew my mind),the partying at matilda bay (dancefloor carnage - including the boys firing up, ball room spinning and a bit of the usual break dancing)and the after party - know the feeling when you walk into a house at 1am and the beers FULL of beer? ahhh I savour that feeling.
We then kicked onto subi for a while (where we ran into the bucks and groomsmen from my other mates wedding on the same day - Ryan) and eventually passed out back with mum and dad, to make 8:30am breakfast the next morning with Ryan and his equally hungover wedding crew!

Then...flew back to London, and been working here since. Works been busy, but I enjoy it and its fun. One of the guys I sit next to - Greg - has me in hysterics most of the day. He's such a funny bastard, we have alot of fun.
I bought him a mousepad with aussie slang all over it - he loves it and hes quite a good impersonator. He also does hilarious impersonations of our boss. haha :-)

So here I am, and Im feeling popular! Friends asking me out to things all the time, which is great coz Ive been a bit homesick, which I dont like. It always takes something for me to feel comfy in my own shoes again, but when I do, its ALL good

Gonna run now, Going to dinner with mates, then to see a band play that Ive never seen before. Gonna have a few drinks tonight coz I worked hard till 10pm last night to hit a deadline, and im coming to work late tomorrow.

Before I go, just want to say...ever have those moments when you look around and realise how amazing life is, right here, right now, where you are?

Ive been having those moments every day lately, and its really nice. To be content and happy.




All sweet n good things
come and go...

when they come
thats when I know

that life is precious
can see it flow

from inside out,
head to toe.

Monday, 25 August 2008

For Reuben & Miguel

My heart sings right now for our friendship, the good times we've shared. Ongoingly you will be in my thoughts, bringing a smile to my face. Together we dance, whether in London, BA or Ibiza Space.

We resonate on the same wave length, loving the good things life has to give, Im so glad we've shared such things, and still have so much more of life yet to live

Friday, 21 March 2008

Love comes

Love comes
Surely as a heavenly eclipse
Over the rising tide's
laps and sweet shore licks
In the delicate way
that your mouth sips
In the smoothe and gentle curve
of your lips

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Argentina Glacier

Still aqua towers
have frozen time!
and in the stillness of these ice walls
Nature's power glows

Collosal towers
thick as earth, with
aeons passed
since your birth

Magnificent ice lake
wide and deep
into which
you winter-bathe and summer-seep

Collosal glacier,
your blue depths
hint at your age,
your memory.

The mountains cradle you
Either side,
Framing you
Picture perfect

The rainbows crown you, bless you.
In your presence, a nimble mind can only quieten.
Still itself.
To really be present to the primordial nature of your being.

Quiet now, with the glacier.
I can hear its breath.
Its totality.

Like a sleeping mountain giant
Struck by the gods
It stays here
Hiding, sleeping.

Nursed by the mountains.
Given life by the snow.
An odd deity of nature, created
by Patagonia’s freezing breath/blow

To behold you is to behold the alpha and omega
Where life started and ends.
Like outer space,
it bends one’s perception back to the primal.

The power of nature's Source
Is stark and