Saturday, 10 June 2017

Pure channel

I sit still and frozen
With my heart glowing
Allowing the frost to thaw
Down to the all-knowing

Warm mist dissolves
Into the thin, clean
And potent
Winter air

Radiating light
And what is true, while
Reaching out to
Connect with you

This captured moment
Is captured power
Calling forth pure intention
For this whole hour

Calling on delight and joy
And grace and truth
Of the one Source
To clear and transmute

The clinging shadows
The dangerous paths
The disowned guests
The howling wraths

For Chi moves to where
Attention is placed
And so in this moment
I clear this space

Blessing you
In your surrender
That the most humble
Meets the most high

In the name of he
Whose palm cups the white light
Of a billion
Clusters of stars.