Thursday, 19 May 2016

Annapurna Base Camp

The Buddhist flags are blowing
With the Annapurna breeze
Prayers releasing with the wind
As the hikers pan to see

The mountain panorama
Filled with snow capped mountain peaks
Ice melt forming waterways, 
Visible and cavernous creeks 

Base camp forming a cradle 
To gently cup those that dare
Venture to such mountain heights,
In it's pure and thinning air

The cold, and fading light, causes
Early retreat to sleep and dream
Of how the mountain is a mirror
Murmuring from each mountain face and stream

Still enough to hear her whisper
From water fall, bird chirp or wind
Tones of tranquility and wholeness 
Allowing the mind's noise to rescind 

Then night sky adorning a thousand stars
Even with a waxing half moon
A full and vivid Milky Way
Fading while the hikers leave their rooms

To imposing cliffs and boulders 
Dotted with Niltava birds, bright blue!
The sun lighting the morning sky
And edges of Annapurna 2!

The gift of peace revealing 
A full and rich sensory feast
A spectrum of colours
With the sunrise from the east.