Sunday, 5 June 2011



I dreamt last night that there was a pet goose, which loved having hits head scratched. So much so that it kept rubbing its head against my hand, increasingly frantic until it became a bit scary.

Strange as I had a dream just a few months back, much more disturbing though, that a goose appeared on the road in front of the car I was in (either driving or in the passenger seat). The goose was distressed, having been damaged by something - probably a previous car - and it was flapping its wings looking at us through the windscreen obviously crying for help and wanting us to get out of the car and help it. However, its extreme agitation, and almost human like way that it was communicating with us seemed frightening - what would happen if I got out of the car? So I sat in the car and watched it while it desperately tried to beckon us out. Strange.

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