Sunday, 9 August 2009

Summer rain (prose)

The summer rain has taken us by surprise
Stilled my distractive thought & eyes
to the pace of a forest stream

All around me is water falling,
cave walls of solitude,
bringing me in, back in, to peace.
Peace of my own presence.

Stripping away the desire that
shoots out like darts

Everything is soft,
even the London tube and its indifference has vanished

Theres care for the guy who slipped, and smiles, in the rain
Theres a whole busy city become still, in the rain
There's Miss sexy legs become normal, in the rain
There's Mr 125% busy, found time to write, in the rain

There's a piece of peace in every raindrop,
released with each splash,
that gives us space for reflection, observation
and love
to arise from the dulled wet sounds, and colours

When all becomes misty in the rain,
everything in close proximity
becomes amazing again

and all I want is to be close with you, in the rain
with the warmth of your breath,
and comfort of your gaze

Enjoying talking about the ways
in which the earth forces us to slow down

Affected by her touch, each finger an elemental force
now drawing us back to the stillness, of the rain.

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