Saturday, 6 October 2012

To Tracey and Sunil - Wedding Reading

I used to wonder how you might look
How you might be
What you might do
What together we’d see

I spent a long time looking
I just never seemed to find
Someone who was sweet
Clever, cute, and kind

And then i met you
At our friends wedding
And it soon it became clear
Along the same path we're heading

We dated intensively,
You even stayed with your cousins
When driving for hours to see me
Not just once or twice per week, but dozens

I was the storm
And you were its eye
We knew that this chemistry
We had to try

I see the intensive
Dating as a reflection
of the depth of our feelings and
strength of our affection

And every day I grow in the
Garden we've planted together
With our balancing forces
It will flourish, forever

Because I don’t want to be
Anywhere else when I’m with you
Nowhere else to be
Nothing else to do

Love is present
In the acceptance of now
In this moment together
It's beautiful how

In the white of your eyes
I am freed
Of all other want
Or selfish need

In the tone of your voice
I am healed
With the warmth of your touch
I can feel

What it is to love deeply
To be committed truly
To give our word
To each other, duly

So with family and friends
Present to see
Let this love be celebrated
And let this love be free

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